Tangency Portfolio Management

Investment Management Firm with a Threefold Mission

Tangency Portfolio Management, LLC was founded in 2017 by money manager B. R. Smith, CFA. Tangency is an independent fee-based money management firm that works in a fiduciary capacity with a select group of individuals and families.  Protecting your wealth and growing your assets doesn't have to be difficult.  We deliver effective money management strategies that are skillfully tailored to your specific tolerance for taking investment risk while simultaneously considering your personal investment objectives and constraints (documented in an Investment Policy Statement).  This firm is in the money management business exclusively for our clients' benefit.  We are not a hedge fund.  The Firm's threefold mission is:

    1. We strive to achieve your trust and provide a superior client experience.
    2. We protect your wealth and enhance your net worth by actively managing your investment portfolio (based on your unique goals and circumstances) using easy-to-understand traditional asset classes, and with a simple and transparent fee structure.    
    3. We eliminate conflicts-of-interest that proliferate banking & brokerage relationships. In order to do so:
      1. We do not provide any brokerage services.
      2. We perform no investment banking services.
      3. We do not buy hedge funds or equity mutual funds because of the following:
        1. High uncontrollable tax-inefficiencies associated with pooled investments.
        2. High fees & expenses (unrecognized by clients and rarely discussed by investment professionals).

About Mr. Smith

As a CFA® charterholder and a seasoned portfolio manager, Mr. Smith is passionate about investing.  He has over 25-years of buy-side money management experience.  After spending almost 18 years at U.S. Trust, Bank of America Private Wealth Management, Mr. Smith was inspired to establish Tangency Portfolio Management, LLC by a former client.  This firm was created as a way to offer a different path to investment management success and customer service excellence.  

After graduating from Oklahoma State University with a degree in Finance, Mr. Smith entered the money management profession in 1991, first working as a Portfolio Manager for a boutique money management firm in Tulsa.  Moving to Dallas in 1994, he worked for the institutional division of Charles Schwab, marketing their services to independent investment managers (aka Registered Investment Advisors).  From 1998 until 2016, he was a Senior Vice President, Portfolio Manager with U.S. Trust (which was acquired by Bank of America), where he constructed diversified actively-managed total-return investment portfolios for high net worth clients, endowments, and foundations.  During his 18-year tenure, he successfully managed his clients' portfolios through the 10-year period known as "The Lost Decade" (bookended by "The Y2K Tech Bubble" on one side, and "The Great Recession" on the other).  Today, as the founder of Tangency Portfolio Management, LLC, he is again focused on fostering long-lasting, trusted client relationships by protecting their assets, enhancing their wealth, and providing straightforward, timely and easy-to-grasp information.  

CFA® charterholders are committed to uphold the highest ethical standards, and the CFA® designation represents the preeminent set of credentials recognized in the global investment management industry.  It attests to a charterholder's successful completion of a rigorous and comprehensive study program in the field of investment management and research analysis.  The credibility that the CFA® designation affords, and the skills the CFA® Program cultivates, are key assets we bring to the table.


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